Solar Purge Update 0.5.2 features major gameplay updates, fixes, optimizations and much more! What We Have Been Working On Upcoming Campaign Levels and Character Skills Planet [REDACTED] Part I is moving steadily and will soon be going through dev testing Planet Sentinel Part

Solar Purge Update features Small Bug Fixes and Updates to planets Oterion, Titus and the Main Menu! Check out the official Steam announcement here v0.5.1.2 Bug Fixes Gameplay Fixed bug causing the elevator to be active while moving Halloween Event Concludes Mr.

v0.5 Campaign New Level: Oterion Guardian Sanctum Unearth the ancient mystery buried beneath the Ruined Sanctum Face off against a massive threat protecting this realm Discover the key to the forgotten history of Nova Genesis   The Vault New Vault system available through

v0.4.4   Campaign New Level: Oterion Ruined Sanctum Enter the sealed temple beneath the Lost City Face fearsome new enemies and lethal traps Overcome the trials to unseal the Inner Sanctum Uncover the secrets of the planet’s ancient past   Holochamber - Functions The

v0.4.2   Weapons New Weapon Manufacturers AzTek Arms Technologies Specialize in Power weapons Highly effective against all enemy types High level weapons can roll with status effect perks Produce Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers Chatka Collective Focused on armor breaching and high explosives

v0.4.1   Bug Fixes Titus fixed a navigation bug where players could fall into a bottomless pit in the Uncharted Caverns Jungle Fixed a spelling error in the Minimap sector for the Research District Updated collision in the AzTek Facility service area