Update 0.5.1



  • New Level: Queen’s Nest
    • To future-proof Titus for a major update later this year the Spyder Queen boss encounter has been moved to its own unique level
    • This includes a much improved intro cutscene and some big art updates but the most interesting parts of this change are still under the hood for now
    • Look for one final area to explore here in another future update!

  • Preproduction on Upcoming Campaign Levels
    • Planet [REDACTED] is moving steadily through its initial blockout phase
    • This Campaign Planet will feature new environmental damage systems and at least one new weapon manufacturer, Vecu Armaments (possibly more…?)
    • Planet Sentinel (already playable in Holochamber mode) has completed its Campaign blockout phase and has entered early art and dev testing!
    • This penultimate Campaign Planet will feature new enemies not yet seen in Holochamber and a major new weapon manufacturer, Olorun Defense Systems
    • (Please note that each of these planets will take several months to fully implement, test, and go live, but this last cycle’s progress represents a major milestone for Phase Four!)
    • Watch the Discord channel to stay informed with the latest screenshots and dev news

Spooky Mode

  • Halloween Event is Active
    • The Nova Genesis System will be haunted for the next two weeks
    • Core gameplay is unaffected, but watch for secrets and other spooky changes



  • Juggernaut Skills and Stats Update
    • Skills
      • Based on player feedback we’ve made a major overhaul to Laser Core
      • Mobility has been greatly increased (although this will be further adjusted after player testing)
      • Damage scales with the Offensive stat and player level, but even the initial output is devastating!
      • Updated Overcharge skill Level 2 and and 3 shield regeneration delay to 0.25 seconds
      • These changes should seriously improve Juggernaut’s viability in combat
      • Share your thoughts and suggest other improvements on our Discord
    • Character Stats
      • Updated shield regeneration delay from 2 to 1.75 seconds
  • Stryker Skills Update
    • Updated shield regeneration delay from 2 to 1.75 seconds
    • New art for Remote Charge Skill


General Updates and Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where the game could become unplayable when three or more players are present
    • Solved an issue that would cause a stranded copy of Player 1 to appear at the start of a mission
    • The “Level Up!” fanfare will no longer trigger upon loading from a save file


  • UI
    • Streamer window UI testing continues
    • Check out twitch.tv/hitscangames to see it in action and offer feedback


  • Main Menu
    • Spooky for Halloween Season


  • Genesis II Station
    • Updated the rotation and position for Titus to improve visibility throughout the station
    • Improved the collision for the projector in the Archives
    • Expanded art in zones still under construction
    • Fixed logic causing the System Map to load the wrong campaign sub levels
    • Updated Halloween NPC dialogue


  • Lockjaw Cell Blocks
    • Added new structural art to the Distribution Hub area between the Oxygen Generation room and the Military Warehouse
    • Added new post processing and screen effects
    • Fixed an art error where a floor tile in Y Block had partially vanished
    • Known Issue: some minor art streaming errors still exist in Y and Z Blocks on lower floors


  • Titus
    • Updated art throughout the level
    • Added new collision on the approach to the CommsNet Tower
    • Adjusted staircases throughout the level to get them more flush with the terrain
    • Minor dialogue updates
    • Added a CommsNet node at Drill Site Five
    • Made CommsNet nodes adaptive to player behavior; as the network expands each tower will react
    • Updated art in the Site Two Sinkhole for better consistency with the other Drill Sites
    • Inserted new cutscenes at various points in the level
    • Added vista points throughout the level (these will tie into a future update but have been enabled early)
    • Cleaned up navigation volumes in the Broodwatcher chamber
    • Updated art, lighting and navigation in and around the Broodwatcher chamber
    • Fixed a bug where the player was not spawning in the air when entering the Sinkhole


  • Oterion Jungle
    • Updated the loot table for the B3-L1-4L miniboss battle with a consolation prize for non-completionists


  • Oterion Lost City
    • Added rain screen effects and post processing
    • Added ambient sounds to forested areas
    • Fixed a bug where players could fall into an inescapable pit during the final corridor


  • Oterion Ruined Sanctum
    • Art streaming optimization should slightly improve framerate and performance throughout the level
    • Fixed a serious bug where enemies were spawning at levels up to 15 higher than intended
    • Updated the moving platforms to better cascade in difficulty from the beginning to the end in each chamber
    • Slightly raised the baseline time that all platforms stay up
    • Adjusted some art near the end of the puzzle path sequence to better showcase the guide lines


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