Solar Purge Update features Small Bug Fixes and Updates to planets Oterion, Titus and the Main Menu!

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Fixed bug causing the elevator to be active while moving
    • Halloween Event Concludes
      • Mr. Spooky and Scary Face have been banished from the realm of the living for another year
      • All levels and menus have returned to normal
  • Main Menu
    • Fixed an issue preventing controller users from pressing B to go back from the Campaign Menu


  • Titus
    • Fixed Drill startup behavior that would allow drill progress to begin without any players nearby


  • Oterion Ruined Sanctum
    • Optimized Antechamber staircase lighting, which should further improve performance
    • Elevator riding collision has been improved – players should not be able to fall off an elevator in motion once inside the Sanctum
    • Solved several bugs plaguing elevators returning incorrectly during the Trial Paths
    • Fixed a logic error in the infested switch room during the Combat Trial – the switch should now activate after destroying the central Sporangium as intended
    • Minor art updates throughout


  • Oterion Guardian Sanctum
    • Reduced the ambient volume for the Artifact
    • Optimized material slots on the stone hexagons and ancient glyph spheres
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