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Top Down Sci-Fi Action

What can you do in Solar Purge?

Couch Co-Op

Play with up to 4 friends on PC!


Campaign Mode

Play through the story mode and discover the secrets of Nova Genesis!

Procedural Missions

Jump straight into the action in randomly generated missions!



Level up each of your characters and upgrade their skills. Killing enemies and completing missions rewards you with new weapons and loot!

4 Playable Characters

Choose the hero that fits your play-style! Engineer, Juggernaut, Stryker or Assassin?

Unreal Sci-Fi Universe

Built with Unreal Engine 4, the world of Solar Purge comes to life with breathtaking visuals and an original soundtrack by Marty Meinerz!

Media & Awards

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Indie Game Developer of the Year 2017

Irving, TX


The Universe

Facing the Unknown

The Discovery of Nova Genesis

At the end of the 23rd century, we discovered a massive distortion towards the far end of Mars. This distortion allowed us to travel to a system on the outer rim of the Laniakea Supercluster. This system was classified as Nova Genesis. Several years later, we were cut-off from our home world Earth. With any hopes of returning gone, we boldly faced the unknown. In order to begin our new life in this uncharted territory, we put together a team of misfit mercs to explore the new worlds, eliminate threats and help secure our foothold in this new galaxy. You are among their ranks.





The Team

The people behind the scenes

Developed By


Josh Carter

Lead Designer

Brandon Michaels

Lead 3D Artist

Marty Meinerz






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