Update 0.5.3

Solar Purge Update 0.5.3 features major gameplay updates, new character models, a new weapons manufacturer and more!

Currently In Development

  • Production on Upcoming Campaign Levels, Weapon Types and Enemies
    • Planet [REDACTED] Part I’s dev testing and early art passes is continuing on schedule
    • Planet [REDACTED]’s enemy roster is now 80% completed!
    • Preproduction work on Planet [REDACTED]’s boss encounter is now underway
    • Planet Sentinel Parts I and III are advancing through dev testing and art / lighting passes
    • High energy [REDACTED] weapon platform logic and testing are almost complete!
    • Watch the Discord channel to stay informed with the latest screenshots and livestream dates

Steam Update v0.5.3

Gameplay Difficulty

  • Health Drop Changes
    • Easy: 20% drop chance
    • Normal: 10% drop chance
    • Hard: 5% drop chance
    • Extreme: 2.5% drop chance
    • Brutal: 1% drop chance
    • Drop chance increases over time for all difficulties if Health packs have not dropped


  • New Manufacturer: Olorun Defense Systems
    • Specialize in full-spectrum battlefield control
    • Fire plasma bolts with unique visual effects
    • Perks centered around biological targets (Beasts and Bugs)
    • (Currently only available in Holochamber – full implementation when the next Campaign Planet goes live)


  • Reduced intensity of some spotlights in Titus Holochamber


  • Stryker Character Art
    • Character model has been updated!

General Updates and Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Updated Mission Failed screen with new effects for Campaign and Holochamber
    • Fixed Sniper Rifle muzzle flash effect
  • Enemies
    • New Sporangium AOE materials to match the Medastia
    • Fixed Grub power level damage scaling
    • Reworked Spyder AI – only Elite Spyders will become enraged and charge players
    • Increased Prison Guard melee attack damage
    • Updated Skorlac AI logic with dodging and pain animations
    • Boss Health Bars will now be segmented to specify gameplay phases
  • Characters
    • Stryker
      • Skills
        • Barrage missiles will now spawn to the edge of the AOE radius
        • Fixed Plasma Blast error causing projectiles to fly shorter than expected ranges
        • Plasma Blast AOE has been updated to an improved arc shape, and now fires evenly distributed projectiles for improved damage
    • Engineer
      • Skills
        • Updated Cryo Grenade model and ice visual effect
        • Updated Turret AOE
    • Assassin
      • Skills
        • Updated the icon for Sabre Disc
    • Juggernaut
      • Skills
        • Fixed Level 3 Shield’s double sided collision issue
  • Main Menu
    • Updated difficulty selection info with Enemy Damage Output and Health Drop chance
  • Lockjaw Mining
    • Improved staircase collision
    • Fixed some enemy navigation issues
    • Fixed several areas with overlapping textures
    • Added a few crates to prevent players from accessing unintended areas of the map
    • Added dirt and debris details throughout the map
    • Improved lighting
  • Lockjaw Cell Blocks
    • Fixed several areas with overlapping textures
  • Oterion Guardian Sanctum
    • Camera now zooms further out while fighting Jungle Guardian boss
    • Sporangia now have reduced healing capabilities for the boss
    • Updated boss room layout
    • Added new art
    • Added new effects to the Jungle Guardian’s attacks

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