Brand New Weapons Manufacturer!

Olorun Defense Systems

In the days before the Space Rush, Olorun was considered to be one of the most powerful Megacorps in Human space. Not only a foundational Megacorp in the Secondary Jupiter Lunar League, Olorun’s Stellar Resources division was mining Sol’s asteroid belt since 2056, a full year before the initial Jupiter Colony Expedition. Most Earth-based mining was under its jurisdiction as well thanks to savvy political control of the African Union (2050-2119), but during the 2140s Earth’s mineral and fossil resources were finally completely exhausted. By this point however the Space Rush was well underway and their PMC subsidiary Olorun Legionary Defense Solutions made Olorun mining stations effectively impregnable.

Until the Human-Aesrenan War and the surrender of the Earth Central Exchange, Olorun was unique among Megacorps in that their entire executive board was comprised of autonomous AIs. The sudden outlawing of this technology and the disbandment of the Legions has made their more recent years difficult ones. No new Legionary Hardsuits are produced, but they remain popular collector’s items for Aesrenan military officers and aristocrats. The latter continue to purchase and asset-strip company divisions, although the weapons subsidiary Olorun Defense Systems remains intact.

The Olorun weapons line is meticulously curated to provide full-spectrum battlefield control. Using a proprietary electromagnetic heating system ammunition is converted to plasma upon firing. Combined with the line’s sleek physical design this makes Olorun firearms a sight to behold in combat. Their SMG / LMG load-out, once the standard issue to Legionary forces remains a popular combination today. With options to engage at any range and an upgrade library designed for use against biological targets Olorun is an excellent pick for engaging native planetary wildlife and for adjusting combat style on the fly.