Update 0.5.4



Weapon Perks

  • New Perks: Cool Offense, Cool Support and Cool Special
    • These perks will reduce skill cooldowns for any currently equipped skills in that particular category
    • The effect stacks if the player is holding both a primary and secondary weapon with the same perk!
    • For now these are exclusive to weapons from the Nazuna Group, although an as-yet unreleased manufacturer may also gain access to them in the future


  • New Perk: Zapper
    • Enemies damaged by the weapon will have a chance to chain static damage to other nearby enemies
    • Look for Zheng and Kadru weapons to try out this new form of crowd-control


  • New Perk: Megaton
    • This perk increases the blast radius for explosive weapons including Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers
    • It can be found on explosive weapons from the Chatka Collective and AzTek


  • Manufacturer Perk Rebalance
      • All of the perks have been adjusted depending on Manufacturer to provide players with unique and strategic options:
      • AzTek weapons have new incendiary potential across the board and other various new perks
      • Chatka weapon libraries now all have the ability to damage Bots and Bugs as intended, while explosives can potentially cover a much larger AOE
      • Kadru drops are now much more chaotic with the ability to roll almost any non-specialty perk, sometimes matching up into highly synergized combos and sometimes…not
      • Nazuna weapon perk libraries have been totally redesigned to help players with a Skill-heavy playstyle (much of their old perk library has been folded into Olorun)
      • Olorun weapon libraries have all gained the potential to improve critical hit chance and have more highly curated and synergized perks on a per-weapon basis (this comes at the cost of ammo-expanding perks of all kinds, which have been removed from the Manufacturer)
      • Wolf weapons that were not previously allowing for Bot Damage or Full Auto are now able to roll those perks as intended
      • Zheng weapons were not able to roll Beast Damage on most weapons but this has now been fixed; their entire family of primary weapons now also has access to Brawler and Zapper to promote their close-quarters playstyle



  • Reduced intensity of some spotlights in Titus Holochamber


General Updates and Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • Adjusted the collision handling for spawning for players
    • Adjusted the player start locations in all Holochamber maps
    • Fixed an issue preventing Character Stats (Offense, Support, Special) from being restored properly to the character when loading a save file
    • Added lights to interactive console desks
    • Fixed security gate logic for locking
    • Player Skills have been updated to use and display the correct categories (Offense, Support, Special)
    • Triple Shot Weapon Perk now fires ancillary projectiles without bullet spread
    • Reduced poison dart trap audio volume


  • Lockjaw Mining
    • Updated minimap


  • Titus
    • Updated some character dialogue for clarity and improved readability
    • Fixed an issue causing Tych’s helmet and gear to receive unintended decal materials
    • Slightly adjusted the transition point into the Northern Cave by Site 4


  • Oterion
    • New minimap for Wetlands


  • Oterion Lost City
    • Updated the music with a new percussion track starting in the Grassy Clearing!
    • Fixed a collision issue near the start where players could get stuck behind tree roots


  • Oterion Ruined Sanctum
    • All-new music throughout the level!
    • Minimap is now available for the entirety of the level!
    • Updated the Outer Sanctum miniboss room with new and improved artwork
    • Fixed several issues in the Antechamber and the Outer Court where the player could get outside the bounds of the map
    • Solved a long-standing issue where open doors would still display the button prompt to “Open” when the player crossed the threshold
    • Updated floor collision at the start of the Combat Path and Puzzle Path where some players could get stuck / be forced to dodge roll
    • Fixed minor art and collision issues
    • Added mysterious new cutscenes both before and after the miniboss encounter


  • Oterion Guardian Sanctum
    • Added a Minimap
    • Fixed a bug that was keeping Dr. Hadley’s dialogue from appearing


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