Update 0.6.0 Preview

Hey mercenaries! The team has been hard at work on the next major Update 0.6.0, which will be available very soon! Here’s a little taste of the new features and additions.

New Campaign Planet Rygar

Continue the story on the dangerous and frigid planet Rygar Part I. What secrets will you find beneath the ice and snow?

New Weapon Types and Manufacturers

Laser weapons are coming to Early Access! A fan favorite from the SP closed alpha, laser rifles and laser beams are returning to melt everything that stands in your way. You can find these drops on the new Campaign Planet Rygar. We are also introducing the new Manufacturer Tawhiri, which specializes in high energy weaponry.

Genesis II Station Updates

NPCs have brand new dialogue after completing the Titus missions. We’re also unlocking new zones including Dr. Hadley’s Lab!

New Class Skills

Juggernaut WASP Drone

Deploy a mobile support drone that autonomously fires faster when primary weapon ammo is lower!

Stryker Stims

Use the Combat Stim to deal more weapon damage. Use Speed Stim to flank your enemies and gain the upper hand!

Campaign Save System Updates and Fixes

We have made major progress on fixing and updating the Save game system, which should help alleviate quite a few current issues and make for a smoother experience.

While in Early Access, you will see quite a few bugs and issues with many of these underlying systems. Each update on the path 1.0 will iron out the kinks and anomalies, but may cause some undesired behavior. We appreciate all of the feedback from the community boards here on Steam and our Discord server. If you find any bugs or issues, let us know! We want to make this a fantastic experience for everyone, but it does take time. Thank you for your patience and support!

There’s much more to come in Update 0.6.0! Stay tuned!

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