Update 0.4.1



Bug Fixes

  • Titus
    • fixed a navigation bug where players could fall into a bottomless pit in the Uncharted Caverns
  • Jungle
    • Fixed a spelling error in the Minimap sector for the Research District
    • Updated collision in the AzTek Facility service area
    • Improved navigation in the AzTek Facility to help keep players in view of the camera
    • Adjusted some foliage clipping into rocks and buildings
    • Updated the Minimap with new sectors after the forest swamp region
    • Overhauled art and materials relating to the Medastia Sporangium
    • Improved navigation and collision along the edges of the level and behind several buildings where players could get stuck
    • Solved a collision issue which was causing the survivor NPCs to clip through floors and furniture
    • Updated animation and dialogue on the survivor NPCs
    • Added a mysterious new location by the river crossing!
    • Moved a continue point by the river crossing to fit the new location
    • Large-scale texture and material optimization to aid performance (more improvements are still underway!)
  • Weapons
    • Removed the following alternate weapons while perk randomization work and art updates continue (some of these will return in future updates):
      • Nazuna Zokuto AR
      • Nazuna Suzumebachi DMR
      • Nazuna Obake Handgun
      • Nazuna Borei Handgun