Update 0.4.0 – Planet Oterion Part I




  • New Level: Planet [REDACTED] Part 1
    • Explore the ruins of a massive colony abandoned mid-construction
    • Carve a path through the overgrown survey zone to reach the AzTek Facility
    • Navigate the deadly uncharted swamp and discover the secrets of the forest
    • Uncover hidden truths about your mission and the Nova Genesis system
    • Gain access through the System Map in the Genesis II Station Command Core



  • Reduced HP scaling for enemies in Holochamber
  • Primary Ammo Kiosks will no longer appear in Holochamber. A replacement kiosk will appear in a future update
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to enter Lockjaw Cellblocks at Level 0 with 0 credits
  • Fixed a minor texture issue in Titus Holochamber’s start room
  • Fixed an issue where players could gain XP despite being at the level cap



  • New NPC: Uthste
    • Jr. Officer in an Aesrenan Elite Guard detachment for Commander Draven
    • Guarding the Archives Ring on the Genesis II Station
    • An early playtester of Dr. Hadley’s Holochamber
    • Interested in learning more about other life forms
  • New Enemy: Medastia Sporangium
    • Zoospore dispersal growth in a Medastia fungal colony
    • Exhales Gorgon Spores while medastia gestate
    • Heals nearby Medastia
  • New Enemy: Grass Raptor
    • Apex predator of the [REDACTED] grasslands
    • Hunts both alone and in packs
    • Quickly closes short distances to deliver a powerful bite attack
  • New Enemy: Swamptrap
    • Lurks in and near [REDACTED] wetlands
    • Captures prey in its powerful jaws
    • Deadly in high stakes combat zones
  • Stryker Skills Update
    • Assault Harness damage increased
    • Barrage damage increased
    • Plasma Blast damage increased
    • Remote Charge double damage bug fixed



  • New Weapons Manufacturers
    • Nazuna Group
      • Produce widest range of weapons
      • No high level perks
      • Produce Handguns, Assault Rifles, DMRs, SMGs, Combat and Slug Shotguns, LMGs, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Sniper Rifles and Mininguns
    • Wolf Weapons
      • Specialize in maximum damage output
      • Produce Handguns, Assault Rifles, Burst Rifles, SMGs, Combat and Slug Shotguns, LMGs, Rocket Launchers, Burst Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Burst Grenade Launchers,Sniper Rifles
  • Primary weapons no longer require or consume reserve ammunition (Special weapons are unaffected)
    • UI has been updated to reflect this change
    • Primary Ammo bricks will no longer drop in-game
  • The [Relentless] perk has been reworked
    • Rate of Fire increase happens sooner and increases up to two times
    • The Rate of Fire will reset after 2 seconds of cease fire
  • Level-dependent weapon quality curve has been adjusted for Campaign (Holochamber Arcade unaffected)
  • Reduced healing amount on [Battle Medic] Exotic perk
  • Extended Clip perk has been renamed to Extended Mag
  • Removed Extra Mags perk from all primary weapons


Save System (BETA)

  • Progression saving has been enabled for campaign, allowing progress to persist across sessions
  • Campaign saving and Holochamber Arcade saving have independent save progressions



  • New Flyout menu animations
  • New input interaction animations
  • New Weapon Perks screen displaying perk information in Flyout menu


General Updates

  • Lockjaw Mining Zone
    • Fixed a bug where players were falling off the sides of some tall staircases
    • Added some new falling debris in the warehouse area
    • Solved a persistent collision issue with the stairs leading off of the mining floor
    • Updated art throughout the level
  • Lockjaw Cell Blocks
    • Added a continue point at the entrance of the Distribution Hub to prevent players getting trapped behind a locked door, unable to continue
    • Updated art in the Military Warehouse to improve player navigation
    • Fixed an error with spotlight intensity in the Military Warehouse
    • Adjusted art in A Block and Atmospheric Control to fix an issue where players could see outside the level
    • Updated language in mission objectives for consistency
    • Added an objective completion for reaching the asteroid surface
  • Genesis Station
    • Fixed several small art issues
    • Made small adjustments to NPC dialogue
    • Added Aesrenan Elite Troopers to maintain order on the station
    • Decorated for Halloween
  • Titus
    • Updated rotating movement on all research table holograms
    • Fixed character dialogue typos and improved readability
    • Improved minimap sector naming to increase legibility
    • Improved logic on Tych’s radio transmissions to more accurately respond to mission completion order
    • Fixed an error where Tych’s spoken dialogue was updating too quickly
    • Updated the mission objectives to keep the player up to date on their battery count
    • Added a weapons cache to the secret room in the Sinkhole caverns
    • Fixed the drill collision issues
    • Fixed an issue where the Brood Watcher mini-boss disappearing when players left the combat zone
    • Decorated for Halloween


Halloween Event

  • Genesis Space Station is haunted!
  • Visit the graveyard on Titus
  • Seasonal objective pickups in Holochamber Collector missions

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