Update 0.3.0 – Planet Titus & Holochamber Quick Saving




  • New Level: Planet Titus
    • Visit the last functioning colony in the Nova Genesis system
    • Battle across the surface world to restore communications between settlements
    • Discover the hidden dangers of the lost Drill Site Two
    • Explore the sprawling underground cavern system in your search for Dr. Hadley
    • Gain access to Planet Titus by finishing Lockjaw Prison and using the System Map in the Genesis II Station Command Core



  • Quick Saving has been added to Holochamber Arcade (currently available for Player 1 only)
  • When in the starting room, players can save their current character and floor progress and then immediately exit the game mode
  • This feature gives players the ability to maintain progress on a run without continuous playtime.
  • When players fail a run or exit via any means besides the Quick Save, their Quick Save progress will be deleted
  • Updated weapon kiosks in Titus Underground and Asteroid Holochamber with new true power



  • New Character: Corporal Tych
    • Titus Drill Site Senior Field Engineer
    • Location [UNKNOWN]
    • Assists Player(s) in their search for Dr. Hadley
  • New Enemy: Deagus Brood Watcher
    • Fully grown Deagus warriors that return to the hive
    • After mating with the Queen, they defend the hatchery
    • Brutally eliminates all trespassers
  • Engineer Class
    • New Skill: Cryo Grenade
      • Throw a grenade that freezes enemies on detonation
      • Upgrades in development
  • Juggernaut Class
    • New Skill: Overcharge
      • Reroute power to fists and deal massive melee damage
      • Upgrades in development


  • Added “New Game” and “Continue” buttons to Main Menu under Campaign options
  • “Continue” button currently loads the Genesis II Station (Saving System is still in development!)
  • Updated flyout menu character animations
  • Updated flyout menu Skills and Stats UI with new buttons and info


General Updates

  • Flyout menu will now open to the Weapons tab by default
  • Fixed bug where enemies could not reach player(s) in Lockjaw Mining level near the crane sequence in Loading Zone A
  • Ammo caches are no longer destroyed on use in Campaign
  • Fixed lighting in Lockjaw Cellblocks Warehouse to show main pathway near exit ramp

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