Update 0.2.5 – Genesis II Station

Hey everybody! Update 0.2.5 is now LIVE on Steam! This build features the all new Genesis II Station campaign hub level, Holochamber updates, new voiceover for Lockjaw Prison and much more. Check out all the details below!



  • New Level: Genesis II Station
    • Explore the only safe area in the Nova Genesis system
    • Meet Lt. Anwar, staff officer of the station
    • Begin to discover the universe of Solar Purge by talking with the crew in the Command Center
    • Learn about the dangers of the planet Titus below and activate the Training Simulator in the Archives
    • View your ship in the Hanger
  • Lockjaw Prison
    • Added character voiceover for the Lockjaw Prison Attendant
    • Streamlined art and visual effects throughout the level
    • Adjusted geometry on the edges of the mining floor to prevent players getting stuck between the large shipping containers and the fencing
    • Updated objectives to better guide the player through the second half of the level
    • Fixed several cases where the Assassin could Warp Dash off the edge of the map or into crevasses between level geometry where it was impossible to escape
    • Solved an issue where all player characters could fall off the map in the Military Warehouse in Cell Blocks
    • Fixed an issue where minimap sector names were not updating properly when jumping off of short ledges
    • Improved flying enemy navigation
    • Added more falling debris during the middle stages of the Cell Blocks


  • Players in the Asteroid Mines boss room should no longer get caught on the raised, angled floor tiles
  • Adjusted wall spawning logic in Asteroid Mines HC
  • Desert Caverns HC uses a new lighting scenario and minor scenery updates
  • Reduced the total number of enemies that spawn during the Master Sentry boss encounter in the Caldera Platforms HC
  • Adjusted the boss encounter enemy spawn list in Jungle Ruins HC
  • Standardized descriptive text and font size on all Holochamber settings in the Main Menu
  • Reduced the spawn rate of enemies in boss encounters from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Players now have the option to restart a HC level without returning to Main Menu


  • New Character: Lt. Anwar
    • Staff officer of the Genesis II Station
    • Located in the central Command Core
    • Third in command, and the player’s main contact point between planetary missions
  • Engineer Class
    • Spider Bots Skill
      • This change aims to reduce the Spider Bots’ uptime while retaining their level of lethality
      • Tier 1 (Base)
        • Bot count: 3 bots
        • Damage: 1000 per hit
        • Duration: 20 seconds
        • Cooldown (starts on skill cast): 50 seconds
      • Tier 2
        • Bot count: 3 -> 5
        • Damage: 1500 per hit
      • Tier 3
        • Cooldown: 50 -> 40 seconds
        • Bots damage enemies upon expiration (explosion damage: 1750)
    • Healing Drone Skill
      • This change aims to make the Healing Drone a stand-out skill that is worth investing in and gives an immediate, noticeable effect
      • Reduce healing drone movement lag
      • Tier 1 (Base)
        • Initial HP regen: 35% max HP
        • HP regen rate (every 0.5 seconds): 6%
        • Duration: 10 seconds
        • Cooldown (starts on skill expiration): 20 seconds
      • Tier 2
        • HP regen rate: 6% -> 9%
        • Revives defeated players within the Area of Effect (once per player, per skill duration)
      • Tier 3
        • HP regen rate: 9% -> 12%
        • Grants invulnerability to affected players for 5 seconds (once per player, per skill duration)
        • Removed enemy damage effect


  • Stryker Class
    • Remote Charge Skill
      • Fixed an issue where Stryker’s Remote Charge skill would deal significantly more damage than expected


  • Updated player character icons
  • Updated character icons for Prison Attendant and Skorlac Pirate
  • Added character icon frame to dialogue box

General Updates

  • New sound fx for Skorlac blaster weapon
  • Fixed logic preventing enemy pain animations
  • Fixed enemy nav / collision issue on Observation Walkway before Atmospheric Control
  • Fixed bug preventing NPCs from opening doors
  • Fixed interactive console minimap marker off-screen indicator bug
  • Reduced sound fx during door opening and closing animations
  • If for whatever reason players fall off the edge of a level map, the player character will now die and then respawn at the most recent checkpoint