Update 0.2.4 Now Available!

Hey everybody! Update 0.2.4 has arrived with Lockjaw Prison Part 2 and the all new Lockjaw Mining Holochamber. More juicy details below!



  • Part 2 of the introductory mission Lockjaw Prison is now live!
    • Make your way through the Lockjaw cell blocks on your way to the asteroid surface hangar
    • Survive a pirate invasion as you head for the escape craft
    • Face off against fully functional Warden bots


  • NEW Holochamber map: Lockjaw Mining
    • This Holochamber features enemies introduced in the Lockjaw Mining portion of the campaign
  • Boss encounters have been updated
    • Boss fights now periodically spawn enemies
    • Players can now begin boss fights by walking into the red hologram located in the arena
    • Updated Jungle Ruins Boss room layout
  • Floor progress gains from completing missions now scales with the current floor by mission type and floor number
    • Successive floors require more points to complete, making higher floors last longer
    • This will incentivize completing more missions on each run
  • Experience points awarded by missions now scales with the current floor, with different base values for each mission
  • During Collector and Looter missions, enemies will only drop health, ammo, and any other mandatory items. Weapons, credits, and experience points will not be rewarded by enemies during these missions.
  • There is a 5-second delay before enemies spawn when entering a new floor
  • Drills in Titus Caverns Holochamber are now animated


  • New enemy: CT-G1 Warden (fully functional)
    • Enemy type: Robotic stage boss
  • New enemy: Skorlac Warrior
    • Enemy type: Alien mid-range skirmisher
  • New enemy: Cal’lun Goblin
    • Enemy type: Alien melee fighter
  • Spyder Queen
    • Queen’s damage is now affected by damage multipliers (difficulty, num of players, HC floor, etc). Because of this, the base damage of her attacks has been adjusted
    • Lightning Strike (Roar Attack): Reduced damage from 300 to 90
    • Static Slash (Stab Attack): Reduced damage of thunderbolts from 200 to 80
    • Discharge Quake (Jump Attack): Reduced damage of thunderbolts from 150 to 70
    • Discharge Quake (Jump Attack): Reduced damage of AoE from 300 to 200
    • Queen’s thunderbolts spawned by Static Slash and Discharge Quake will only do one instance of damage to a given player, per thunderbolt
    • Thunderbolts spawned by the Static Slash attack now have a slight V-shape pattern to make them slightly easier to evade


  • Damage and crit modifiers based on rarity have been adjusted
    • Rare weapons: Damage multiplier reduced from x4.25 to x4
    • Legendary weapons: Damage multiplier reduced from x5.5 to x5.25
    • Legendary weapons: Crit chance reduced from 12% to 10%
    • (Developer note: Exotic weapon stats are categorized along with Legendary weapons)
    • Added Minigun power weapon (Campaign only)


  • The Assassin has a new character model
    • In-game player model and UI portrait now feature finalized version


  • Updated News feed on Main Menu
  • Nintendo Switch Controller button swapping option in Controls Menu (A&B swapped, X&Y swapped)
  • Updated gamepad control scheme image reference to include camera zoom and emotes
  • Added Main Menu Loading screen

General Updates

  • Engineer now starts with Assault Rifle
  • Added shield damage effect on player character model