Update 0.2.3

Hey everybody! Update 0.2.3 is now available! Happy Pi Day!

0.2.3 Patch Notes

//– Gameplay Changes — //


— Training Room —

  • Players can now fast-travel directly to the Test Range and Combat Training Armories and get into the action right away

— Holochamber —

  • Enemy wave configurations have been updated in the following Holochamber maps
    • Caldera
    • Jungle Ruins
    • Caverns
  • Enemy spawn density per wave has been increased
  • New Spawning Method
    • Improved spawn timing consistency
    • Adjusted spawning mechanisms to prevent enemies from overwhelming players and keeping them constrained to one area for most of the floor run
    • This change also encourages players to explore more of the floor in order to complete objectives
    • Enemy spawn rate increased across the board except for during the Looter Mission (it is tuned separately)
    • Looter Mission now causes the spawn rate to decrease when active

— Sandbox —

  • Prison Guard (Baton bot)
    • Baton base damage reduced
  • Prison Enforcer (Shotgun bot)
    • Shotgun pellet damage increased
    • Shotgun pellet range decreased
  • Egg Sacs now spawn Grub eggs

— UI —

  • Early Access Roadmap button added to the Main Menu

— Misc —

  • Added camera zoom cycling for gamepad using up on the D-Pad


// — BUG FIXES — //


  • Fixed navigation and collision issues in Lockjaw Prison Part I
  • Fixed an issue where the total credits value was not updated after being spent in a kiosk
  • Fixed an issue where grubs spawned at enemy level 0 from Egg Sacs in the Holochamber
  • Fixed an issue where the Prison Mech Boss was not being tracked by the camera
  • Fixed an issue where extra enemies in the Prison Mech Boss fight could kill players after Mission Completed
  • Fixed the no-collision issue with canister carts in Caverns HC
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy health values to increase at a higher-than-intended rate, which gave rise to other issues such as ammo economy and combat encounter duration
    • We will be monitoring this change and make adjustments as needed
    • There is a comprehensive sandbox balance pass planned for a future update
  • Fixed an issue where burst weapons could fire more projectiles than capacity, leading to negative ammo
  • Fixed an issue causing “Objective Complete” and “Anomaly Detected” text to overlap in some cases
  • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to spawn after the “Anomaly Detected” wipe if the floor progress is “Awaiting mission completion”
  • Fixed an issue in campaign preventing enemy damage scaling by level
    • Enemies should now do more damage in campaign as their level increases