Update 0.4.2




  • New Weapon Manufacturers
    • AzTek Arms Technologies
      • Specialize in Power weapons
      • Highly effective against all enemy types
      • High level weapons can roll with status effect perks
      • Produce Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers
    • Chatka Collective
      • Focused on armor breaching and high explosives
      • Highly effective against robotic armor or biological carapace plating.
      • Produce Assault Rifles, DMRs, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Burst Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers and Miniguns


Bug Fixes

  • Jungle Planet
    • Optimized art loading to improve performance throughout the level
    • Updated navigation in the swamp to prevent enemies spawning on top of level geometry
    • Improved the materials for jungle-deployed military robots
    • Fine-tuned the collision on the stairs to enter the small buildings
    • Updated the art and terrain around the forward base and its river bridge
    • Improved minimap sector naming
    • Fixed some art issues with the fungal swamp growth where growth was floating in the water rather than on the ground
    • Improved collision and navigation in the AzTek facility to help keep the player in view of the camera
    • Updated dam and boom town art with rust and overgrowth
  • Titus
    • Updated navigation and animation on the CommsNet Tower maintenance bot
    • Overhauled art on the CommsNet Tower to make it more solid and fix a small gap in one of the support columns
    • Fixed a collision bug where players could run up the wall and out of the level in the underground caverns
    • Fixed another collision bug where players could run out of the level through the eastern cave exit after the Broodwatcher miniboss battle
    • Updated minimap to better showcase terrain and barriers
  • General
    • Updated enemy bloodspatters for consistency within species and to better fit with existing level art
    • Melee animation no longer locks the player in place (Animation is WORK IN PROGRESS)
    • Fixed an issue causing Melee to be permanently disabled when interrupted by certain actions
    • Offense, Support, and Special skill values are now saved
    • Removed Primary Ammo Kiosks from Holochamber floors
    • Fixed issue where flytrap enemy would not release rooted players on death
    • Increased Jungle Beetle’s attack radius