New Halloween Update

Spooky Update is now available on Steam! Be on the lookout for the all new Goblin Gun Grenade Launcher hidden on Oterion!


Halloween Update

  • Spooky Season has been updated!
    • Find and Talk to Mr. Spooky and Scary Face on each planet in the Nova Genesis system
    • Find the all new “AzTek Goblin Gun Grenade Launcher”
    • Collect skulls and pumpkins in Holochamber Arcade mode
    • Hang out with the Ghost Spyder pet in the Station
    • Check out haunted maps throughout the Campaign both old and new!
    • Spooky event ends on November 7th


General Updates and Fixes

  • Titus
    • Added Mr. Spooky in the Site 4 Cave
  • Titus Queen’s Nest
    • Added Scary Face and his dance team next to Spooky
  • Oterion Wetlands
    • Added Scary and his dance team to the roof of the AzTek Facility
  • Oterion Lost City
    • Added Mr. Spooky and some dancers near the statue before the Waterworks
    • Added a couple of nav blocking volumes to prevent players getting partially stuck under some of the rubble
    • Find the all new custom weapon “Kadru Viper X LMG”
  • Oterion Ruins
    • Added Scary Face in the first Puzzle Chamber
  • Rygar
    • Art updates throughout the level
    • Added progress bar to cell pickup logic
    • Changed pickup text to “Cell” instead of “Superconductor” to match with Objective text
    • Added SFX and camera shake to Facility door
    • Fixed a floating weapon cache
  • Characters
    • Enemies
      • Veskri & Tripod
        • Added sound FX
  • Known Issues
    • Some skills are not transferring upgrades between Campaign levels