Solar Purge Update is now available on Steam! Campaign updates, new voice overs and gameplay balance changes!

Halloween Update

  • Spooky Season has finished
    • Mr. Spooky and Scary Face have returned to the Spirit Realm until next year
    • Players who saved the AzTek Goblin Gun Grenade Launcher to their Vault may continue to use it

General Updates and Fixes

  • Lockjaw Prison
    • New tutorial popups for Flyout Menu and Skill Upgrades
    • Enemy Power Levels have been increased in Mining zone for balance testing
    • Power Weapons have been moved to the beginning of Titus and no longer drop in the first level
  • Titus
    • Power Weapons now begin to appear in Campaign before leaving HQ
    • Power Weapon tutorial popup now appears when receiving Power Weapon access
    • Minor art updates
  • Space Station
    • Maintenance Bots throughout the level now have new voiced dialogue!
  • Rygar
    • New art updates throughout the level