Closed Alpha 2

That’s right bug destroyers! The next playable build is here and available on Steam! Here’s some of big gameplay updates that you will encounter! There is still some time to register for Closed Alpha #2, so if you would like a chance to get a key visit our homepage at or click the button below.

  • Infinite Holo-Chamber – Oh yeah… you can now play the Holo-Chamber basically forever. But how long will you survive? Grab some friends, controllers, beverages of choice and find out! (Talk to your doctor before taking on Brutal Difficulty)
  • Spendable Credits – Want something to purchase with all of that money you collected on the last floor of the Holo-Chamber? Find one of the digital kiosks on the map and put those credits to use on some extra ammo, health or new weapon. Hopefully it’s a legendary flamethrower… fingers crossed!
  • New Weapons – Full auto shotguns? Yep. Machine pistols? Check! Laser Rifles? Definitely! Ice-throwers?? Wait… what?
  • New Skills – How do turrets, remote charges, dashing, slashing and dicing sound?
  • Inventory, Skills and Stats Menu – Wondering how much damage your weapons do? Or how many skill points and credits you have? Pull up the quick character info menu to look at your everything about your character stats, skill upgrades and equipped weapons!
  • New and Improved Boss Fights – The big baddies have upgraded too! Once you complete the objectives on each floor of the Holo-Chamber, you and your friends will be sent to fight the boss… on his own battlefield! Keep moving and you just might survive!
  • Training Room – Want to see all of the enemies currently in the game? Or just want try out some different character builds? The training is designed for you to try out new things and practice your skills!

Patch Notes

Version 0.1.733


Gameplay Changes


  • Holo-Chamber


    • Holo-Chamber is now wave based and endless
    • Difficulty now scales for every floor you clear
    • Kiosks have been added to the start and end of each floor to buy weapons, ammo, or health packs


  • Character Class Changes


    • Stryker
      • Added Remote Detonate Charge Skill – toss an explosive at a group of enemies and detonate it
      • Airstrike Skill updated – Missiles will now hit the ground to cause splash damage instead of on top of enemies
      • Plasma Blast Skill range and damage have been increased, and now has a chance to catch enemies on fire when hit
    • Engineer
      • Added Turret Skill – Deploy a stationary turret that fires at nearby enemies
      • Spider Bots Skill updated – They now have better aggro, movement speed and can detonate when fully upgraded to cause splash damage
    • Juggernaut
      • Shield Skill updated- The shield is now deployed at your location and does not move. It can damage enemies that walk through it and has a chance to ricochet projectiles
      • Added Defense Matrix Skill – Blocks 50% percent damage when enabled
      • Quake Skill updated – Fully upgraded version fires 2 energy blasts in rapid succession
    • Assassin
      • Added Dash Skill – Dart quickly through enemies and deal damage to them
      • Added Slash Skill – Deals massive melee damage to nearby enemies
      • Added Marked for Death Skill – Tags enemies nearby and deals instant damage


  • Weapon Changes


    • Weapon rarities now drop based on your level
    • New Weapon Types and Weapons Archetypes have been added
      • Laser Rifles
      • LMGs (Light Machine Guns)
      • Shotguns – Sabot (Long Range) Combat (Semi-Auto) Full-Auto
      • Machine Pistols
      • DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifle)
      • Crossbows
      • Machine Guns
      • Ice Throwers


  • General Changes


    • Added dodge roll to space bar on PC and Left Stick Click on gamepad
    • Melee has been moved over to the middle mouse button on PC
    • Animations are now more fluid
    • Single Player UI has now been condensed to the bottom left corner and the Mini-Map moved to the right side
    • New Character Info Screen has been added and can be accessed by pressing TAB on PC and back button on gamepad – Works with keyboard or mouse
    • Updated Mission Objective Notification
    • Updated Mini-Map Icons
    • Control scheme can be viewed by pressing and holding X or the Dpad Right button
    • Added UI-less mode that can be toggled with the “I” key
    • Pause Menu now has buttons to add extra players
    • Updated quick weapon comparison in-game icons
    • Jungle Guardian boss now has increased damage and attack speed, updated sounds and visual fx
    • Master Sentry boss now has smoother movements and a massive rotating Laser Beam attack
    • New Lava and Jungle enemy types
    • New Elite enemy AI attacks
  • What’s Next? – New enemies, character skills, menu systems, Holo-Chamber and Campaign levels!

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