4 Player Couch Co-Op

Grab your friends and family and blast away at everything in your path!


Campaign Mode

Explore 4 unique planets and discover the secrets of Nova Genesis in the Campaign mode!

The Holo-Chamber

Jump straight into the action in this procedurally generated game mode. Defeat enemies, level up, find new weapons, fight the boss and reach the next floor of the simulation! How long can you survive?


Powerful Skills & Upgrades

Level up each of your characters and upgrade their skills. Killing enemies and completing missions rewards you with new weapons and loot!

4 Playable Character Classes

Choose the hero that fits your play-style!

Engineer, Juggernaut, Stryker or Assassin?


Unreal Sci-Fi Universe

Built with Unreal Engine 4, the world of Solar Purge comes to life with breathtaking visuals and an original soundtrack by Marty Meinerz!