Top Down Sci-Fi Action

What can you do in Solar Purge?


Online & Local Co-Op

Play through Co-op missions with up to 4 players! 


Complete missions on varying difficulties to earn credits and upgrade your characters and gear

Controller Support

Play with a keyboard and mouse or a controller!

Teamwork = Success

You must stick together to survive! Use all of your skills to complete the missions! 


Mastery of building gadgets puts the Engineer in charge of everything supportive


When brute strength and heavy armor are the only solution… the Juggernaut has it covered


This lady packs a punch! She’s quick on her feet and deals damage like none other


Trained as an assassin and having fought in the Imperial Rebellion, the Spectre has the skills to subdue any foe

Made in Unreal Engine 4

Experience the beauty and dangers of Nova Genesis on PC.






The Universe

Facing the Unknown

The Discovery of Nova Genesis

At the end of the 23rd century, we discovered a massive distortion towards the far end of Mars. This distortion allowed us to travel to a system on the outer rim of Laniakea. This system was classified as Nova Genesis. Several years later, we were cut-off from our home world Earth. With any hopes of returning gone, we boldly faced the unknown. In order to begin our new life in this uncharted territory, we put together a team of misfit mercs to explore the new worlds, eliminate threats and help secure our foothold in this new galaxy. You are among their ranks.







See the game in action

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The Team

The people behind the scenes

Josh Carter

Designer & Scripter

Brandon Michaels

3D Artist

Daedra Evans

Level Designer

Marty Meinerz





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